Unlike Soul Care retreats, Experiences are set up to stretch and learn and challenge.

In February 2020 we are heading to Varanasi India. Head to the “Varanasi Pilgrimage” Tab to find out more.



In July 2019 we held our first Soul Care Retreat just outside of Chiang Mai at the beautiful Mala Dhara Resort.

It was a week of beauty and inspiration staying in adobe earth villa’s amongst rice fields, permaculture farms and water buffalo’s.

Our dream is to create spaces that nourish the whole self. It’s for this reason that we choose locations that are actively caring for the earth. We feed you nourishing organic vegan food, dance around in herbal sauna’s and swim in salt water pools and tread lightly, seeped in God’s creation in order to point our eyes towards the Divine.

Whilst our heart is for anyone in need of some time to recharge, the heart beat of these retreats is for those who feel disconnected from God, those that don’t really fit the ‘churchy mould’, those who are going through faith deconstruction and reconstruction, those who have all but given up on faith, those that have been hurt by the church, or those who are curious about the path of Christ and are looking to ask ALL the questions, with nothing being off limits.

We want to let go of fear and shame, and embody our spirituality.

Included in Retreats is:

  • Christ Centered Yoga

  • Movement Meditation

  • Embodiment Workshop

  • Enneagram Workshop

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga

  • Herbal Sauna and Scrub

  • Thai Massage

  • Yeshu Kirtan (Devotional Music to Jesus sung in Hindi)

  • Talking Circles (Safe spaces to share)

  • 3 meals a day (vegan and organic)

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I’ve needed to reconnect with my body - and through this retreat, I’ve begun to release grief and shame. I leave hopeful that these deeply held beliefs (that I am worthless), can be healed. It was so transformational.
— Participant