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10am Monday - please email for location

CHARITY CLASSES at Bodhi Tree Yoga, Pai
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Below you will find a series of Guided Meditations and Yoga flows that are a gift to you. We just want you to come closer to Jesus. To carve out space to show up, to meet with the great lover of your soul. (*** In progress!)

No matter what happens you are going to grow. On the mountain, in the valley and in the wild of your unknowns. And things that happen out here may make you feel like you are alone, but light will always find you and lead you safely home. And you will find the grace you need and endless boundless peace to count it all as part of the journey that leads you where you need to be
— Morgan Harper Nicholls

“Yeshu Bhakti Yoga: an Introduction”
Style: Vinyasa
Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Facilitator: Naomi

Bhajan Lyrics:
Special thanks to the Yeshu Bhakta’s (Jesus Devotees) of India for writing these beautiful songs of worship to Jesus. Also thanks to Yeshu Satsang Toronto and Aradhna for recording and writing and arranging these songs in such beautiful ways. Please check them out and donate to their amazing projects. www.yeshusatsangtoronto.bandcamp.com

Shanti Shanti Shanti Ho (Words and Music by Swami Anil Dev, Arranged Chris Hale)

Shanti Shanti Shanti Ho

Peace, Peace, Peace, be present

Chaaro tarafa teri shanti ho

On all four sides may your peace be present

Prema Ho, Prabhu, Prema Ho

May there be love Lord, may there be love

Hara Hridaya Mei prema ho

In every heart, may love be present

He Srijanahar (Words and Music by Swami Anil Dev, Music by Chris Hale and Miranda Hale

He Srijanaha, Prabhu Tumharari

Oh Creator Lord, your

Ashish hum par ho-ve

Blessings be upon us

He Annnadaata, Jivanadaata

O giver of food, Life Giver

Baladaan de do hame

The gift of Strength, give to us