Yeshu Bhakti Yoga is a practice of Devotion to the Divine. Our path is that of Jesus, as found in the scriptures. We love him so.

Our intention is to use the practice of Yoga to ‘yoke’ or ‘yog’ in the sanskrit to meet, with God.

Not that we are God, but to meet with God, Jesus, and Spirit on our mats through the words of scripture, worship, meditation and prayer.

The practice involves kirtan (devotional songs to Jesus), asana (based on Hatha/Vinyasa), intentions drawn from the sacred scriptures and meditation. It is a practice based on grace and alignment. Whilst the practice benefits the body, the main intention is to check in with the heart and the mind and to make space for God to speak.

You are so welcome here, whatever your spiritual path, the level of your practice or if you have never done Yoga before.

Welcome, pilgrim.


Naomi Pryde
225hr HY-I
Trauma Sensitive
500hr Masters with HY (Currently Undertaking)

Hey there, my name is Naomi and welcome to this page, so glad you found us!

Within the practice of Yoga Asana, Kirtan and Christ Centered meditation I have found for the first time, maybe in my life, a space carved out to be with God that truly speaks to my soul. I come from a long tradition of very intelligent, head knowledge, academics, whose knowledge of faith is astounding… but for me personally I found it hard to move the head knowledge to the heart.

Bhakti is the path of devotion to a personal God, bringing mind, body and spirit together in the act of worship. Using the mind - yes, but then feeling, moving, being, sitting in stillness, in tension, finding strength and finding vulnerability. Carving out space to yog, to meet with God.

In Bhakti, I have found freedom to sing loudly and with joy, because it’s about me and God and no one else. In Bhakti I have found freedom to let go of body shame, because this body is amazing and intricate and created by the living, moving, incarnated God. In Bhakti I have found the freedom to take up space, when I have always avoided conflict and ruffling feathers, because Bhakti is about something bigger than me. Bhakti is about God. Bhakti is about Jesus and meeting with him with my whole self - mind, flesh, muscle, spirit, emotions. Bhakti is about the freedom to truly say, and believe, that I am the beloved.

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